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Transport: CO2 information and EVE program

CO2 information for transport services

Passenger and goods transport, along with house removals, are concerned by regulations relating to the corresponding quantity of greenhouse gases emitted (article L1431-3 of the transport code). The services concerned are domestic services (carried out on the national territory). All information is available on the ministry's website:

This obligation is based on the European standard EN16258: 2012 defining the methodologies for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from transport services. It is therefore part of a harmonization of methods at European level.

The baseline data for for making this calculation are hosted in the Base Carbone©. These regulatory data are consistent with the data relating to art. 75.

Download the methodological guide here: https: //


Eve program


This program supports companies in reducing the energy and environmental impact of their transport and logistics activities. Its objective is to avoid the emission of more than one million tonnes of additional CO2 per year by supporting shippers, freight forwarders, wholesalers, road freight carriers and travelers. The program is supported by ADEME and Professional Organizations (AUTF, CGI, FNTR, FNTV, OTRE, Union TLF) and benefits from the support of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. It is funded by Total Marketing France as part of the Energy Savings Certificates scheme. Eco CO2 ensures, on behalf of ADEME, the coordination, animation and technical support of the program.

This approach allows these companies to commit over 3 years to a concrete and personalized action plan with a view to reducing GHG emissions from their transport and logistics activity.

Companies that have signed a commitment therefore commit to reducing their GHG emissions by implementing various actions in the following areas:

• Operated fleet:

  • The vehicle
  • Fuel
  • The driver
  • The organization

• Purchase transport
• Customer collaboration

See the EVE Program website

65450 registered members
5311 validated emission factors
4266 published GHG inventories
19 sector guides