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Quanti GES - Share a "Case Sheet"

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In order to maintain the free-standing nature of the Quanti GES method, "Case Sheets" containing detailed information about particular action plans, flow continuously into the general collection of examples. This information rests upon trials, partnerships and spontaneous contributions.

These "Case Sheets" show how the method has been applied to concrete cases by means of feedback from voluntary participation of organizations (companies, regional governments, etc.)

Available "Case Sheets" (31/03/2019)


Our mutually beneficial partnerships

Students at the service of GHG accounting

In order to produce examples of action plans,help tomorrow's engineers to develop their skills and enable organizations to go further into their pro-climate actions, ADEME has set up tripartite partnerships involving higher education institutions, organizations (companies, regional governments; etc.) and ADEME through its regional directorates, already committed to the reduction of GHG emissions.

To join this partnership, no payment is required. Everyone wins:

  • Students work together with regional key stakeholders on concrete projects;
  • Universities and specialist higher education establishments strengthen their contents and programs regarding the GHG accounting;
  • Organizations have at their disposal quantification data for the GHG impact of their actions;
  • ADEME multiplies the number of fact sheets related to action plans and promotes the GHG accounting.

They have already tried it out!

A first trail of this partnership was launched in September 2017 in PACA region and was renewed in the 2018 school year. Numerous higher education institutions and local governments collaborated throughout the whole year on quantifying (technical support provided by ADEME) the  impact on GHG emissions of actions carried out in Marseille and Nice metropolises and in the urban conglomeration of Var-Esterel-Méditerranée.

Produced "Case Sheets" are available on Quanti GES - Find a "Case Sheet".

A message for companies, regional governments and higher education institutions: do you find interesting this type of partnership? Contact us: !


Are you wishing to make a spontaneous contribution?

Above all, do not hesitate and join us by sharing your experience using the Quanti GES method and by bringing out your "Case Sheets" in our website. Your contribution will broaden the collection of examples.

For further information, please contact us:

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