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Ministère de la Transition Écologique
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Available sector-specific guides

A "Greenhouse Gas Inventory" sector guide enables representatives and stakeholders of a given sector of activity to join forces in order:

  • if necessary, to supplement/adapt the general methodology for carrying out a GHG inventory for the organizations in the sector concerned;
  • to provide sectoral elements for enhancing the Base Carbone® (source data, emission factors);
  • to propose examples of best practices in terms of reducing GHG emissions;
  • to guarantee take-up of the method by the sector and the use of common rules; to profit from a collective dynamic.

Below you will find a list of the sector guides already produced:

Sector guide for the non-commercial service sector

Sector guide for the agricultural and agri-food sector

Winegrowing industry guide

Retail guide

Construction guide

Building guide

Water and sanitation sector guide

Spirits sector guide

Guide for industrial baking, pastry-making and cakes & confectionery companies

Guide for the fertilizer industry

Guide for aggregates quarrying and recycling sites

Digital and Information & Communication Technologies Guide

Healthcare and medical-social establishments guide

Aviation industry guide

Property sector guide



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4189 published GHG inventories
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