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Carbon base

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Latest version

This documentation describes all the data of the Base Carbone and how the data was put together.

Document Version Date Download link
General documentation 18.1 07/08/2020 Documentation générale v18.1 pdf
Specific overseas documentation 11.0 19/11/2014 Documentation spécifique outre mer v11.0.pdf


Previous versions

Document Version Date Download link
General documentation 17.0 08/11/2019 Documentation générale v17.0 pdf
General documentation 16.1 11/09/2019 Documentation générale v16.1 pdf
General documentation 16.0 07/08/2019 Documentation générale v16.0 pdf
General documentation 11.1 02/03/2015 Documentation générale v11.5 pdf
General documentation 11.0 18/11/2014 Documentation générale v11.0 pdf


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