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Territory: Territorial Climate, Air and Energy Plan

Initially introduced by Article 75 of the Grenelle II legislation on Energy Transition for Green Growth (LTEVC for its abbreviation in French), the Territorial Climate, Air and Energy Plans (PCAETs) strengthen the environmental positioning of territories and place them at the root of  the Climate, Air  and Energy coordinated action. They represent a legal requirement for public inter-municipal cooperation establishments (EPCIs). 

Territorial governments play a key role in the fight against climate change as well as in the promotion of renewable energy, energy management and the improvement of air quality.

  • They have the obligation of making structuring investments on energy: buildings and transports.
  • Through urban planning policies, they prepare the distribution of activities and housing units.
  • Through their economic and land-use planning policies, they assess the development of the energetic potential of their territories.

Territorial governments are responsible for planning (especially at the regional level) and advancing (especially at the inter-community level) the energy transition.

PCAET constitutes also an opportunity for companies, whether they are required to assess their CFP or not. Naturally involved in the process as an economic actor of a territory, they have the possibility to further their present or future actions with regard to energy management and the reduction of GHG emissions. It is mainly by joining a collective effort that companies can extend their reach beyond their own individual strategies and take the path to the development of the territory (transport services, infrastructure, urban planning, etc.); thus, benefit from it.

Genuine territorial projects for sustainable development, PCAETs are often implemented by territories on a voluntary basis, in the same way voluntary companies implement the CFP assessment. Get closer to different actors in the environmental development of your territory and know their ambitions! 

Find all that you need to know about drawing up a PCAET on Resources Centre "Territories & Climate".

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