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Assess your actions - Quanti GES method


Quantifying the impact of a reduction action on CFO (Carbon Footprint of Organizations) represents a key step for backing up decisions and investments, whether it is conducted before the definition of an action plan or afterwards.

Version 2 of the Quanti GHG Method has been recently published. This method is a description step by step of how to quantify the impact (potential or real) of a reduction action on CFO. This Version 2 makes use of feedbacks on the 2015 experimentation that involved about twenty organizations. It is more robust and operational.

This method complements the regulatory GHG reporting method and the Bilan Carbone® method.

Download methodological guidance here.

In addition to the technical guide below, ADEME provides several support features for users (available only in French):


Who is this method aimed at?

It is intended for organizations that implement reduction actions and that want to quantify the impact of these actions on their CFO: companies, local governments, different kind of associations, etc.

The method is freely accessible. It presents in the most structured and didactic way the primary elements that constitute the state-of-the-art on this topic.


Its structure

A sequential method in 8 stages. Users are showed, step by step, how to characterize the intended action, build the consequence tree, determine and carry out calculations enabling a reliable quantification. Each one of these stages corresponds to a tab associated with a worksheet to be filled in Excel. Take a look at the template.


Simplified or in-depth quantification: you can choose!

In accordance with the organizational objective (estimate the potential of an action, reporting on the efficiency of an action, etc.), the quantification requires different levels of methodological approach. Users can choose between three levels of  methodological approach, depending on the intended level of confidence, which allows adapting quantification efforts and the accuracy of the expected results to the pursued  objective.

ADEME training courses

ADEME offers a training system directed towards local governments, public institutions, companies and external consultancies. The training system is divided into the following two units:


The principal goal of this unit is enabling users to learn the basis of the Quanti GHG method, so they can understand its use and be able to manage an external audit for the implementation of the method within their organizations.

In total, this unit lasts half a day. This stage is a prerequisite for taking a complementary classroom-based training course, enabling users to implement the method by themselves.


This classroom-based unit lasts half a day and completes the previous on-line course. Thanks to the study of concrete cases, this stage enables users to implement the method by themselves and for their own purposes or those of different organizations (in the case of external advisors).

The training program includes the quantification related to practical cases, first in groups (provided exercises from previous experiences) and then individually (case of each particular organization) in order to master the different stages of the method. At the end of the training, knowledges are tested.

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