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ACT® - How to get involved?

Companies: join the French voluntary program!

ADEME supports voluntary companies in the use of ACT® to assess the alignment of their low-carbon strategies with the Paris climate agreement.

Training fees given on an indicative basis and financial aid rate in 2019:

  Fees (excl. taxes)  ADEME's fiancial aids rate in 2019
ACT® Training 800 € Inelegible for funding
ACT® Assessment

3,000 € to 5,000 €

depending on the company's size

Micro companies: 70%

SMEs: 60%

Mid-cap and large companies: 50%

Critival review


2,000 € to 3,000 €

depending on the company's size

Micro companies: 70%

SMEs: 60%

Mid-cap and large companies: 50%

ACT® Access rights

500 € to 3,000 €

depending on the company's size

Free acess rights in 2019


  • Consultants trained in ACT® methodologies help your company assess its climate strategy and its maturity with respect to the transition to a low-carbon economy  
  • Identifying areas for improvement to better structure your company's climate strategy
  • Visibility of your company in one of the most innovative and demanding projects of the UNFCCC's Global Climate Action Agenda
  • Training in the ACT ® assessment method for enhancing autonomy over your company's carbon strategy
  • Involving employees in your company's environmental performance
  • Spreading the word among partners and investors about your company's commitment to mitigate the carbon dependency of its activities
  • Having access to ADEME grants to carry out this assessment

Deadline : 30/09/2019



In partnership with the Bilan Carbone® Association, ACT® training courses meet the needs of all stakeholders. They are divided into three training modules.

Objectives Target Lenght

Understanding ACT® methodologies and standards

Accessible to anyone Half a day

Preparing to undertake an ACT® audit

Companies 1 day

Carrying out an ACT® assessment

Assessors 2 days


Investors: be part of the initiative!

Financial institutions that wish to encourage companies in their portfolios to be more transparent and to take action against climate change are invited to sign the ACT commitment charter, as have BPI, Caisse des Dépôts, IRCANTEC, ERAFP, APE and FRR.

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